In 1964, Ampatzidis brothers established a smithery in the city of Thessaloniki. Thus craftsmanship and by using a spring power hammer and a pneumatic hammer later, they produced hand forgings and hand tools.

After 1976 the smithery was gradually build up from a small tool shop to a drop Forge. The first modern friction screw press and subsequently a horizontal shaping machine for dies manufacture, replaced later with a milling machine, were purchased and the production was reoriented towards industrial needs. Agricultural implements and various forged components for use in machine and civil construction were manufactured.

Since 1984 our modern closed-die forging plant is located in Kampani, in the province of Kilkis one hour away from Thessaloniki. During the last twenty years workspace is extended and in 2001 the company, known as Stamperia Ampatzidis Bros, was brought to its present form as a middle-class enterprise still in the possession of the family Ampatzidis.

At no time did the company lose sight of its roots and today is a name synonymous with the forging industry in Greece. By decades of experience in drop forging and machining methods and due to continuous investments in innovative technologies is Ampatzidis Bros. Forge a competent partner and complete solutions provider for many manufacturers in Greece.

While we are known for producing steel forgings of superior performance for manufacturers and subcontractors, we also create a variety of other products as well. Our standard programme includes a wide range of forged hand tools (various hoes, picks, adzes etc.) and agricultural items (plough components, cultivator spares and other wear parts).

Our trademark, stamped on every of our products is a nationally recognized symbol of high quality drop forgings. By mounting a die forging or by using a forged tool with our trademark on it, our customers will have secured a long life to their product.

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